Breeding club " Quod Bonum " was registrated after my serious consideration of my ability to help with Parson Russel Terrier (PRT) breeding. These days we have in our breeding club 2 girls:   

  • Dancing Queen ern  Faun she comes from czech breeding club and she achieved many prizes in championships

  • Fillmore Indian Summer she was imported from the kennel club Fillmore

  • McAllister's All That I Have - he as imported from the kennel club McAllister's

My idea is not to have a lot of puppies for high profits. I would like to help  with breeding to a good name of PRT and to keep its high quality . Im able to go hundrets of kilometers if I am sure the covering dog is a good dog.           
My dogs are and will be vet examinated and they have certification with results of their health condition. Non of my dog is agressive and I dont use agressive dogs for breeding.
Very often you can see interbreeded  PRT or JRT wiht exterier defects and health problems as a result of interbreeding the dogs for higher profits. I dont like this kind of activities. I would like only to produce pure breed dogs.
To have a dog is not only to buy a dog, but also to take care of the dog at least next 12 years. PRT is at origin working terrier with ability for work under the ground and to run with pointers. PRT is a brave, active and friendly dog. Who is deciding to buy PRT only for its exterier, wont be nicely surpriced, your dog might find entertainment himself without enough of your attention and enough running activities a day.
We are looking for an owner that could give the dogs happy and active life, that means also good food, good vet control and love, walk the dog not only when the sun is shining, but also in the winter and at the end of the dogs life to be able to ensure  him human pass away. Who has same ideas as me, is very welcome.

Helena Richterov - " QUOD BONUM "